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The Medicaid Application Process – The Law Office of Scott Bloom Will Guide You The Medicaid application process can be time consuming and confusing. If you do not dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s you can be denied and have to start all over from the beginning and risk not having the benefit there when your loved one needs it most. The other situation that may arise is a family may not be educated on this process and may wait to help their aging loved one apply for Medicaid. This will leave very few options for senior living care since most Assisted Living communities require a two year spend down of private funds.

go $10,000 per month is not unheard of for care in a nursing home. In fact, it may even be more. For those with limited income it’s a scary thought to think about how one will pay for care when one needs it. The thought is so scary that even though someone is facing care needs in the near future that they will avoid discussing money with their family until they have no choice.

buy Lyrica australia Medicaid planning must start early. The Law Office of Scott D. Bloom will come to your home and discuss when is the right time to apply for Medicaid and what the next steps should be.  Having a professional advise you on this process will avoid unforeseen issues in the future.

CLIENT Testimonial

Scott pays attention to details .. he's very caring and helpful for the client!! .. Knowledge 100% +
- Tony E., Southhampton, Pennsylvania

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