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Estate Planning


You may not realize it, but you are the owner of an estate. In fact, we all are.

Your estate is the sum total of everything you own, from real estate

to personal possessions. It may even include furniture, and in some cases,

the beloved family pet.


Mistakenly, many think of Estate Planning as something which solely

benefits the retired or wealthy. However, while wealthy families will certainly

benefit, Estate Planning is more crucial to families with modest assets, who

can afford to lose the least. It can provide instructions about what to do

if you were to become disabled, and even minimize unnecessary legal fees,

court costs, and taxes for your loved ones when you are gone.


Without an Estate Plan, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the

probate laws in your state. For example, if you become disabled, your fate will

likely be decided by a court appointee. If you become deceased, your spouse

may only receive a fraction of the estate, leaving them without enough to live on.

In the unfortunate event that your children are orphaned while minors, you will

not have a say as to who will raise them in your absence.


They say life happens while you are busy making other plans. That’s why, at

the Law Office of Scott D. Bloom , we think that life’s uncertainties call for an emergency plan.


Call us today, at (855) 992-6337, and we will work with you to design an Estate

Plan which can provide the peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve.