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Few Choices, Many Compromises



There are many adult children caring for aging parents. They are also taking care of their own children and starting to think about their own retirement. Costs are increasing and so are the amount of seniors who will need care in the near future. Years ago, the only option for someone if a person had care needs was to go into a nursing home. Today there are many choices of care options. The key to have those choices as we age is proper planning. Without planning, we are left with very few choices and many compromises to make.

Having conversations about estate planning with loved ones is never an easy process. It may take a number of conversations in order for the senior to understand that now is the time to make that plan, before an emergency happens and the family is faced with making the plan for them.

The Law Office of Scott D. Bloom understands this process and will make a complimentary house call  to your loved one’s home to help start the conversation and educate on the estate planning process. If you or your loved one are ready to start planning now, we are ready to help.