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It May Be Time to Have the Conversation


Signing or not signing?

When we notice that our loved one is “not themselves” we need to look a little closer and see what the cause may be.  Maybe it started with forgetting about their appointments, not changing his or her clothing, or forgetting to bathe. There may be a bigger problem than simply forgetting things right in front of our eyes.  Our loved ones may very well be unsafe at home and need some assistance. When your loved one is no longer safe in their home it’s time for intervention.

Call a family meeting to begin the conversation. Discuss with your family some options of next steps for your loved one. Start by asking the following questions:

  • Does mom or dad have a living will in place?
  • Does mom or dad have enough money for care and if so, do you know how long his or her money will last?
  • What happens if mom or dad’s money runs out while receiving care?
  • What is the plan that will be in mom or dad’s best interest?
  • Will we sell mom or dad’s house to pay for the care they need?

If you do not know the answers to these questions it may be time to consult with an elder law attorney. The Law Office of Scott D. Bloom can help you find the answers to these questions in the comfort of your own home and guide you in putting a plan in place. He can also help you begin the conversation with your loved one to make his or her wishes known before they are not able to speak for themselves.

There is a solution for every family. All you have to do to make it happen is begin by having the conversation.

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