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The Baby Boomer, Their Security and Their Legacy

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Baby Boomers are approaching the time in their life when making sure their affairs are in order should be a priority. Perspectives point to the boomer, their security as well as their legacy.

If you are a Baby Boomer, you may have made plans years ago. There may be people that were given responsibilities that may no longer make sense because of the direction your life has taken. Be sure to check if the people who are named in your wills and living wills are indeed, whom you would choose today.

Perhaps you were careful to add protective guidelines for your children who were minors at the time. Do those guidelines still need to be in your documents?

You’ve accumulated more personal property over the years and may be surprised at the value (sentimental) that your family may put on some of your belongings. Your oldest daughter may have her heart set on Nana’s teapot that has been in your family for years, but your youngest daughter may think that will be left to her.  To avoid a fight later, put some of these decisions in writing to help decide who gets what item.  It’s up to you to decide to make a gift now as opposed to after you pass.

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