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You are Never Too Young to Make Your Wishes Known


According to a report published by The Annals of Modern Medicine, the burden of making medical decisions for a loved one can cause distress and even post traumatic stress disorder.

Many times when we think of Advance Directives, we think of elderly men and women who aren’t far away from the time that others will have to grant their wishes. These decisions, no matter how old we are, need to be made while we are still able to make them.

No one can predict their fate. Terminal illness or an accident can change yours and your family’s life forever. Back in 2005, Terri Shiavo’s name was known in every household. Her parents fought to keep her on life support and her husband fought to take her off because he thought that’s what his wife would have wanted. Terri was 26 and had no advance directives.  She never made her wishes known and her family let their emotions lead the way. If she had made her wishes known, there would have been significantly less stress on both sides of the argument and maybe a little bit of peace knowing they were honoring their loved one’s wishes.

Facts about Advance Directives:

  • Anyone over the age of 18 may prepare their Advance Directives.
  • Without Advance Directives, your family may be burdened with decisions that you wouldn’t necessarily make for yourself.
  • If you do not have Advance Directives, hospitals will often automatically “treat” and look to close family members to make decisions. Your family’s wishes may not be the same as yours.
  • Advance Directives may be changed.
  • 50% of people are unable to make their own decisions at the time of death.

If you or your loved one have not had this discussion, take the time to start the conversation. Talk about what your wishes are and how important it is to complete this process while you are still able. Contact The Law Office of Scott D. Bloom today to begin. You are never too young to make your wishes known.